About Me

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Aim Above Limits.

I'm Katie and I am currently studying at university in Leicester. 

Ever since I was around the age of 11, I have had an infatuation with fashion, art, textiles and style. It was around this age that I began collecting and reading Vogue religiously. I suppose it was Vogue that has encouraged me to pursue a career in the beautiful world of fashion since it made me fall unconditionally in love with the art of style.

For work enquiries please contact: katiemeadway@hotmail.co.uk
Twitter: @aimabovelimits

Please note, any samples or products that are kindly gifted to me are noted with a * next to the item name. This is true as of 5th March 2014. All reviews are honest and reliable, and I will not accept any samples or gifts that I would not consider buying otherwise, or do not fit with the theme of my blog.

For your interest, I am also available to write press releases, blog content and articles. Please contact me with any enquiries and we can discuss your enquiries and pricing. 

All of my love,
Katie x