Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Memory Lockets*

With Summer around the corner, I am eagerly looking for affordable and stylish ways to update my wardrobe. Whilst I am slowly trying to drag myself away from the 'black addiction' I have seen myself get sucked into regardless of seasons, I have often found that the best way of introducing colour into your outfit is through jewellery and accessorises. 

As such, meet Memory Lockets. With the ability to open up all designs as a locket (isn't it just the cutest concept, ever..?!) as well as many offering personalisation options with their available charms, Memory Lockets is the ideal way to change up any outfit with just one piece of jewellery!

I adore the rose gold locket, and the way that the crystal would sparkle in the light, whilst the two pink options are perfect for a hint of Summer colour. Pair with your most stylish wedding outfit, and you'll be the best dressed guest of the season. 

On this occasion, I won't even have to apologise to your wallet as their prices start from as little as £10.00!

You can thank me later.

Katie x

1. Pink Crystal Necklace
2. Pink Enamel Bracelet
3. Crystal Rose Gold Necklace
4. Red Enamel Heart Necklace

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